Fall 2022


Anatomy Workshop With Artist: Eugene Clark

Instructed by: Eugene Clark

Date/Time: Saturday, Nov. 19th, 9am-3:00pm

Member: $76.50 Non Member: $90

Materials: Sketchbook (8” x 10” or larger), pencils, eraser.

This anatomy drawing workshop is designed for artists of all levels, beginning to advanced. All drawing lectures and demos, are step-by-step, and students are encouraged to draw along with the instructor. This workshop will focus on the arm, hands, legs and feet. 

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Ladies Night! Holiday Watercolor! 

All materials included. No experience necessary!

Time: 6-9pm
Member: $63.75 Non Member: $75

In this fun and judgement free studio environment, Atelier will provide art supplies and detailed instructions so that you can enjoy a creative and unique night out with your girlfriends. Classes can be taken consecutively or individually. Spaces are limited to 30 women per evening. Feel free to bring your favorite drinks and/or cocktails and snacks.


Classical Drawing, Bargue

Instructed by: Todd Burroughs
Dates: Dec. 3-4th
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $306, Non Member: $360

This two-day workshop will guide students through the process of drawing in the method popularized by Charles Bargue and Jean-Leon Gerome in their famous collaboration from 1866, Drawing Course. 

The technique spread a French Academic approach to drawing which has been a staple of art education for over 150 years. Realist artists, abstractionists, experienced artists and beginners all will benefit from learning this concise and elegant approach to drawing. Artists such Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gough, who studied this drawing technique, built on their foundations to develop entirely new ways of creating.

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Contour Drawing Deep Dive With Artist: Armin Mersmann

Instructed by: Armin Mersmann
Dates: Dec. 10th-11th
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $306, Non Member: $360

Artists including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and David Hockney have used the expressive power of line to create some of their most iconic images. Contour drawing employs thick and thin lines, lost and found edges and keen observation to capture movement and light.

Line is fundamental to the arts, and contour drawing is the essence of description with line without shading. It is a beautiful and expressive art form which helps artists learn to see form with great accuracy. Students will study a variety of contour drawing styles and techniques in this two-day workshop.

Supply list to follow registration. All experience levels welcomed.


Impasto Oil Painting

Instructed by: Todd Burroughs
Dates: Jan. 20th-22nd
Times: Fri. 6-9pm, Sat. 10am-4pm, Sun. 10-4pm
Member: $382.50, Non Member: $450

Students will work with artist, Todd Burroughs, for two days learning how to add movement, texture, and spontaneity to their paintings using impasto.

Impasto paintings stand out because of their dynamic and sculptural surfaces, but they are often painted in a technique that leads to unnecessary cracking and delamination. Todd will guide students through materials, mediums and techniques (including palette knife painting) that utilize best practices to achieve beautiful impasto results.

We are excited to offer this new workshop and expect the 10 available spots to fill quickly. 

Materials list provide.


Watercolor Crash Course For Beginners

Instructed by: Alicia Duncan

Dates: February 4th-5th

Times: 10am-4pm

Member: $306, Non Member: $360

Take a deep dive into the basics of watercolor painting in this weekend workshop. Ideal for beginners who are ready to learn, this engaging workshop will leave you feeling confident to continue watercolor painting on your own. Topics covered include watercolor techniques, supply and equipment choices, strategies, practical painting applications, papers…etc. The goal is to help students establish independent, comfortable and knowledgeable approaches to watercolor painting. All materials included.

Port Austin Series 48x48 Acrylic (2)

The Process Project: Explorations in Abstraction 

Instructed by: Valerie Allen
Dates: February 25th-26th
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $306, Non Member: $360

Join artist Valerie Allen for two days of using the power of process to create works of abstract art in acrylics. As a Certified Working Artist for Golden Paints, Val will bring an array of acrylic products including colors, gels, pastes, and mediums. This is a great way to become familiar with the versatility of acrylic products before you purchase.

Val will motivate you with discussions on developing your visual language through intuitive mark-making, telling your authentic story with abstract painting, and cultivating a spirit of adventure with each painting. The timeline is fast-moving with time for question and answer sessions each day. All experience levels welcome! 


Practical Color Mixing With Artist: Ken Hershenson

Instructed by: Ken Hershenson

Dates: March 19th-20th

Times: 10am-4pm

Member: $306, Non Member: $360

Ken will help students develop the skill to analyze and blend accurate colors in acrylic paint. The focus of this workshop is on real-world application rather than theory. This ability is invaluable to painters of any experience level, so this is a great workshop for beginners and experienced artists. Students will make a set of color mixing tools that they will take home. A required materials list will be sent closer to the workshop date. All experience levels welcome! 

Our open registration makes it is easy to get involved. You are free to register for most of our classes whenever you are ready. No need to wait for a new semester or for an annual enrollment to begin.