Candice Russell

Youth/Adult Instructor

Candice Russell works in representationalfigurative and architecturalsculpture, displaying adedication to craftsmanship and furtheringacademic artistic tradition. Sheattended theUniversity of North Texas in 2007 where she beganan apprenticeship working hands on withFlorentineeducatedfigurativesculptor George Sellers, learning classical technique in hisAtelier. She continued her studies and career inNYC 2009. Her sculpting skills were employedin the studio of Barry X Ball, utilizing modern technological processes, CNC milling and 3-Dprinting as well as traditional hand-carving.Turning back to the ornamental arts as leadsculptor at Foster Reeve & Associates, a Beaux-Arts plaster studio in Brooklyn, NY where sheis active in the representational sculpting community, attending the Grand Central Atelierthroughout her career, she studiously worked to hone her abilities and practicing the art ofbeing a lifelong learner.

She joined the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art’s Plinth groupin 2017 in order to shape the education of classical art and design. Candice’s relief medallionwork can be seen at Medialia Gallery in NYC, and has exhibited with The Classical AmericanHomes Preservation Trust as an emerging artist in the classical tradition. She currentlymaintains a studio of her own in The Thumb of Michigan, and will be attending the New YorkAcademy of Art where she’ll be studying for her MFA in sculpture.

Branko’s Gallery

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