Adult Summer Workshops


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Oil Painting With Zorn’s 3 Color Palette

Learn color harmony by using a small palette. All levels welcome.

Instructed by: Todd Burroughs
Dates: June 4th-5th
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $306, Non Member: $360

Join Todd Burroughs for this weekend workshop exploring how to effectively paint a portrait in oil using only 3 colors and white. This is a great workshop for beginning and experienced artists to learn the advantages of painting with the limited palette popularized by master painter, Anders Zorn in the late 1800s. Saturday will be dedicated to explanation, color study and preliminary work on a portrait. Sunday, we bring it all together, applying what we learned to work further on our painting. 

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Watercolor Basics, Plein Air

Learn to paint outside in the beautiful Michigan summer weather. Some experience recommended. 

Instructed by: Robert Fionda
Dates: June 6th-8th
Times: 10am-3pm
Non Member: $318.75, Member: $375
Are you ready to shake up your artistic routine? Then it’s time for you to get out of the studio and improve your sense of color and composition by painting plein air! This is a ground up primer that introduces you to the plein air experience.

This is a three day workshop that covers plein air in terms of supply and equipment choices, strategies and practical painting applications. It is structured for intermediate watercolor artists but experienced beginners are welcome. The goal is to help you establish an independent, comfortable and knowledgeable approach to plein air painting.

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Immersion Into Abstraction with Artist: Valerie Allen

Instructed by: Valerie Allen
Date: June 20th-24th
Times: 10-4pm
Member price: $637.50, Non Member:$750

This five-day workshop’s intention is to propel artists into exploring the power of process to  create artwork that is exciting, fresh, and original. Intuitive thoughts will connect with intentional design as decisions are made to build the layers of the paintings. There will be daily segments focused on the themes: Process, Produce and Present. Think of this week as part artist residency and part summer workshop! Space is limited to allow for room to work on larger canvases. Supply list will be provided upon registration.     

Long Form Drawing Bootcamp with Artist: Armin Mersmann

Instructed by: Armin Mersmann
Dates: June 20th-24th
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $637.50, Non Member: $750

Join renowned artist, Armin Mersmann, and immerse yourself into a week-long study of drawing and the art of observation. We all see the world around us, but do we really look, take in the forms, shapes, and structures as an artist does? Learn the difference between observation realism and intellectual realism; drawing what you see – not what you think you see. We will work only in graphite during this five-day workshop. Some of the topics include contour drawing, full-value rendering, negative/positive space, sight measuring (sighting) and the often misunderstood grid system.

All experience levels welcome! 

Tonal Port (1)

Tonal Oil Painting Portraits

Learn how artists add drama and movement to their painted portraits. All levels welcome. 

Instructed by: Todd Burroughs
Dates: June 18th-19th
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $306, Non Member: $360

Work with Atelier Director Todd Burroughs to learn the essentials of portrait painting utilizing changes in value and temperature to describe the essence of your subject. This approach to portrait painting prioritizes dynamic mark making and expression over detail. Both beginning and experienced artists are welcome in this workshop. Be prepared to have fun and learn lots. Students will be able to choose from a selection of portraits that are well suited to this approach to painting.

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Painting Fundamentals

Instructed by: Laura Vukich
Dates: June 27th-29th
Times: 9:30-12:30pm
Member: $212.50, Non Member: $250

Enjoy an engaging and informative workshop that will work towards building a solid foundation for future painting. Students will be exposed to a variety of paints, mediums and techniques to build confidence and artistic skills. All materials included.



Instructed by: Alicia Duncan
Dates: July 16th-17th
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $306, Non Member: $360, Materials Fee: $25

This two-day workshop will guide students through the process of relief printmaking. Students will be introduced to the basics of linocut carving and printing techniques. We’ll explore what makes an ideal image for a linocut artwork. Next, students will get the opportunity to develop their own designs and learn how to transfer them onto a printing block. Using various tools and blades, students will learn to safely carve the block to create their image. Finally, we will learn how to ink the blocks using a brayer with printing ink and how to print a small hand edition (series) of prints. This class is great for beginners but all experience levels are welcome!


Anatomy Bootcamp: Drawing and Sculpture

Instructed by: Candice Russell 
Dates: July 18th-21st
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $510, Non Member: $600, Materials/Modeling Fee: $45

The artistic anatomy bootcamp will introduce students to a wide range of study, from constructive anatomy, to medical terminology, culminating in the class completing their own three dimensional écorché'(flayed figure). Students will learn the historic uses of anatomy in artists work and how this has been worked into an artistic canon. This course will challenge students to use anatomical structure and proportion in their artistic practice as well as introduce them to a wide range of skills.

Classes will be focused on drawing and understanding the structure of the human form, muscle groups, skeletal structure and the effects each have on another as well as movement. Students will be guided through practice drawing sessions that will highlight practical use and will be used to aid their 1:6 scale écorché completion, they will take home their écorché as a fundamental aid in their independent study. 


Sculpting The Rosette

Instructed by: Candice Russell
Dates: July 23rd-24th
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $306, Non Member: $360, Materials Fee: $45

Led by sculptor Candice Russell, the course explores the use and practical creation of ornamental sculpture in the classical tradition. “Sculpting the Rosette” will introduce students to this specific form, following in the footsteps of academies throughout history. Examples of different sizes, shapes and styles will be provided, and will be instructed through a demonstration and drawing session.

Class sessions will be devoted to drawing, designing and sculpting. Students will each have the opportunity to fabricate their own unique rosette. The instructor will provide students with seven-inch clay blanks. Using this as a template, students will design their project and model their design in water based clay, resulting in a finished work of architectural sculpture.

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Botanical Intimate Portraits With Artist: Laurie Tennent

Instructed by: Laurie Tennent
Dates: July 22nd-24th
Times: Friday: 5-8pm, Saturday:10-4pm, Sunday:10-1pm
Member: $306, Non Member: $360

A 3 -Day Workshop with Botanical photographer, Laurie Tennent.  Explore photographic techniques to capture the exquisite details of nature. Create botanical portraits as you develop a style of your own.  We’ll work in the studio and then go onsite to Belle Isle to photograph amazing specimens in the Conservatory and on the grounds. 

Drawing Bargue

Instructed by: Todd Burroughs
Dates: July 30th-31st
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $306, Non Member: $360

This two-day workshop will guide students through the process of drawing in the method popularized by Charles Bargue and Jean-Leon Gerome in their famous collaboration from 1866, Drawing Course. 

The technique spread a French Academic approach to drawing which has been a staple of art education for over 150 years. Realist artists, abstractionists, experienced artists and beginners all will benefit from learning this concise and elegant approach to drawing. Artists such Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gough, who studied this drawing technique, built on their foundations to develop entirely new ways of creating.


Watercolor Crash Course 

Instructed by: Alicia Duncan
Dates: July 30th-31st
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $306, Non Member: $360

Take a deep dive into the basics of watercolor painting in this weekend workshop. Ideal for beginners who are ready to learn, this engaging workshop will leave you feeling confident to continue watercolor painting on your own. Topics covered include watercolor techniques, supply and equipment choices, strategies, practical painting applications, papers…etc. The goal is to help students establish independent, comfortable and knowledgeable approaches to watercolor painting. All materials included.


Encaustic Painting

Instructed by: Todd Burroughs
Dates: August 6th-7th
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $306, Non Member: $360, Materials Fee: $25

Students have been asking for Todd to teach an encaustic class or workshop for years; The time is finally here. Join us for a fun, two-day workshop exploring painting with hot wax.

This beautiful painting technique was developed in ancient Greece. Its rich history includes everything from Egyptian mummy portraits to American pop art.

Students will learn to make encaustic paint from scratch, while also learn about materials and best practices. Expect to have a great time and make some beautiful art pieces.

Portrait Kris Front

Portrait Intensive Camp – Drawing and Sculpting

Instructed by: Candice Russell
Dates: August 8th-11th
Times: 10am-4pm
Member: $510, Non Member: $600, Materials/Modeling Fee: $75

Modeling the portrait in clay is a class that encourages students to use their observational skills to render a life sized sculpted portrait in clay. Using drawings to experiment with composition and work out proportions as well as train their eye to study form. In the sculpting portion students will be guided through a short demo session on technique and the use of a caliper   that will aid their finished portrait to reflect a faithful likeness of their subject.

Classes will be structured around utilizing the method of creating in art, Disegno unifying their artistic practices will guide their work in the study of nature, using anatomy, proportion, and an emphasis on drawing, whether in three dimensions or two. Students will learn how to work in the round utilizing different clay handling methods that create a more life like subject, render movement and reflect the students’ own creativity. Students will be working with Laguna WED air-dry clay and will be able to take their finished portraits home with them, no mold making necessary.


Mosaic Mirrors

Instructed by: Laura Vukich
Dates: Tuesdays, August 16th, 23rd, 30th
Times: 5:30-8:30pm
Member: $233.75, Non Member: $275, All Materials Included

This 3 evening workshop will guide students through the process of creating their own unique 16 x 16 mosaic mirror. Students will learn the basics of mosaic creation including the development of a design, cutting of glass tiles, placement of pieces and grouting the finished work. This workshop is great for artists of all skill levels.


Intro to Guided Studies 

Instructed by: Laura Vukich
Dates: August 17th, 24th, 31st
Times: 6:30-8:30pm
Member: $153, Non Member: $180, All materials included.

This three week course acts as an introduction to what a guided studies class looks and feels like at Atelier. Students will be introduced and have the opportunity to work with drawing, painting and sculptural elements. The ideation process will be introduced to support students when developing project ideas and concepts. 

Atelier is Going to France and Italy!

Atelier is excited to announce our first studio trip to Europe and you are invited! In the summer of 2023, we will be visiting Paris, Rome, Milan and Florence for a special tour focused on cultural and artistic experiences. This trip is an all-inclusive, 10-day, private tour of museums, historical sites and art making. 

To ensure a high-quality experience, spaces are limited to 25 participants. Only 3 spaces remain! If it sounds good to you, please don’t hesitate to register or reach out for more information.

Our open registration makes it is easy to get involved. You are free to register for most of our classes whenever you are ready. No need to wait for a new semester or for an annual enrollment to begin.