Student Spotlight: Lesley Kutinsky

Student Spotlight: Lesley Kutinsky

Lesley has taken classes from multiple Atelier instructors over the years. Her warmth and friendliness make her an instant friend to her classmates. Lesley is currently concentrating on drawing skills and portrait painting. Earlier this year she finished her second commissioned portrait.  The love and curiosity that she pours into her paintings can be felt and seen by each viewer. It is no surprise that her work is regularly chosen for exhibitions, awards, and commissions! 

Lesley’s piece, The Year of The Goat, was completed while working with Atelier Instructor: Armin Mersmann in his Iphone Photography course. It was chosen by juror Brian Day in a juried competition exhibition titled Exposures: Photography ’22. This unique piece was on display at the Lawrence Street Gallery in Royal Oak for the month of April. Only 25 artists were featured and Lesley was one of them!

Two of Lesley’s beautiful paintings were chosen by juror Kim Fay to be exhibited at the Grosse Point War Museum along with 35 other artists from the Birmingham Society of Women Painters. The exhibition will be on display until June 18th.  

Lesley was also recently commissioned by Dr. Nison Sabin to paint a portrait of his loving wife Dorene. Lesley worked so hard on this painting and it turned out beautifully! 


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